The Original Tiong Bahru Lor Mee @ Bukit Purmei

Update: Bukit Purmei Lor Mee has permanently closed.

Remember my quest for the original lor mee from Tiong Bahru a few months back?

Thanks to this blog for the clarifications, or I would not have known that the lor mee stalls at the current Tiong Bahru Market are copycats!

The real macoy has shifted to the coffeeshop at Block 109 Bukit Purmei!

Buki Purmei Lor Mee SGD 3

Having discovered their whereabouts, I wasted no time in making my way down to check if it was indeed the bowl of nostalgia that I have been looking for all these years!

The moment I got there, I do not have to look for the stall.

The lunch hour queue was indicative of where I should be in order to get myself a bowl. I waited in line for close to 20 minutes before I could place my order.

The stall works in a systematic way: place your order with the auntie who will cook your yellow mee/bee hoon/kway teow and toss it in the appropriate colored bowl (more on that below); a second auntie will pick the ingredients into the bowl; the uncle will scoop the stewed sauce and condiments into the bowl and collect payment.

One sip of the once so familiar stewed sauce was all it takes to bring tears to my eyes!

I have finally found the taste of childhood!

Yes, it was definitely the same taste which I had at the old Tiong Bahru Market when I was a kid!

Make no mistake about it!

Every strand of noodle is coated with a glistening layer of fragrant stewed sauce which is such a joy to slurp up!

The consistency is just nice without being overly starchy.

The lor mee have the usual offerings of sliced braised meat, fish cake, ngor hiang, char siew and bean sprouts but unlike others, they do not have braised egg.

Crispy bits!

One reason why I am such a die-hard fan of this stall is because of the crispy bits of fried flour added which is so addictive! The texture would remain crispy even after being drowned in the stewed sauce for quite some time!

I believe there are some chopped pieces of pork chop which is not available in the other lor mee.

The lor mee comes in three sizes priced at SGD 2.50 (red bowl), SGD 3 (green bowl) and SGD 3.50 (yellow bowl) respectively.

The queue

It is no wonder why it took me so long to relocate this stall as they have no name on the signboard except the word "lor mee"!

Some customers in front bought up to ten packets at one go so try to avoid lunch hour as the wait could get pretty long and they are usually sold out by three in the afternoon.

I had lor mee for lunch and I packed it for dinner as well

One thing I find very thoughtful of them is that they would pack the mee and stewed sauce separately without prompting. Plus points!

The stall was featured on 老字号 sometime this year

Blk 109, Bukit Purmei Ave
Singapore 090109

Business Hours
Tue - Sun: 7am - 3.30pm
Mon: Closed

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