Meet The Smurfs At Bugis Junction

I was in the vicinity of Bugis a few days ago and came across these "painted" Smurfs on display.

These were painted by local celebrities...

This has got to be my favorite!

Guess who painted it?

Felicia Chin!

Tay Ping Hui

Christopher Lee

Fann Wong

Elvin Ng

Joanne Peh

Kate Pang

Romeo Tan

Jessicca Liu & Olivia Ong

Adeline Lim

Jeffrey Xu

Xu Ya Hui

Sora Ma

Nat Ho

Mindee Tan

Chua En Lai

Is that a dig at our National Swimming Team's official swimwear? LOL!

Local songbird Joi Chua...

and Kit Chan

Payday Cast

Err... is there such a show on Ch 5?

Derrick Hoh & radio station 987FM

Another of my favorite

Taiwan's Million Star Champion Xu Jia Ying

Then, there were some painted by people from the media.

I love the paintings on the pink pants

Yee Wan Yu, i Magazine

Jessie Sng, Mediacorp

Tan Yi Hui, 8 Days

Chris Foo, 8 Days

And these were by the NAFA students.

By some NAFA students

Samsui Smurf and Mr Singapore Smurf

NAFA Leom Li Yan

NAFA Sii Myat Mon

NAFA Valarie Katlyn Goh Pei Shi

NAFA S Sunitha Pillay

NAFA Lim Pei Ni, Dion

NAFA Lim Ying Xi

NAFA Quek Hui Juan, Janice

NAFA Lee Teck Hiang

NAFA Sangeetha d/o Karikala

NAFA Leong Lay Yee, May

NAFA Aaron Teo

I should have aimed higher. There's a mini Smurf inside the hole.

Do you like the Smurfs?

Do catch a glimpse of them before they are all gone!