Singapore Presidential Elections 2011

2011 is a awakening year for Singapore - politically wise, that is.

We had the General Elections 2011 in May and three months down the road, Singaporeans now have to exercise their voting rights again to elect their new President for the State.

His Excellency, S.R. Nathan was elected unopposed as President on August 18, 1999. On September 1, 2005, he was sworn in for a second term of office uncontested.

Having led this State for the last twelve years, S.R. Nathan would not be seeking a third term in office, citing health reasons.

A total of six applications were submitted but two of them, Andrew Kuan and Ooi Boon Ewe failed to qualify for the COE.

Coincidentally, the remaining four candidates left running for Presidency are all "Tan"s.

Presidential hopefuls from left to right:
Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Jee Say, Dr Tony Tan, Mr Tan Kin Lian

There is a tongue-in-cheek circulating online lately:

On 27 Aug, make sure you vote for the right Tan. If not, you may end up with a 笨tan, or worse, a 坏tan who will 捣tan and Singapore will be 完tan!

There is even a song about it.

Candidates with their respective symbols

Who do you think will emerge as the winner? The PALM, the HEART, the SPECTACLES, or the HIGH-FIVE?

Whoever it may be, I hope he would be the people's President; listening to our woes and solving our problems.

My favourite Presidents till date were Mr Wee Kim Wee and Mr Ong Teng Cheong; the two Presidents before S. R. Nathan.

Both Presidents have the compassionate and 'fatherly' look that drawn me to them...

Edited: 28 August 2011

After a long, painful night, the results for the Presidential Elections is finally out. 

Returning Officer - Mr Yam Ah Mee announcing the Presidential results

Former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan has emerged victoriously from a four-cornered fight, after a gruelling nine days of campaigning, as Singapore's seventh elected President.