D.I.Y: Cradle And Docking Station

I own a Samsung Omnia 7 phone.

If you are a non iPhone user like me, you must be frustrated with finding suitable accessories for your mobile phone.

From phone covers to apps and even docking stations, everything seems to be made for Apple products only.

Today, I am going to DIY a cradle and docking station for my mobile phone with the box that it came in with.

All you need is just some time and some ingenuity but most importantly, it costs next to nothing and you did your bit to save the environment by recycling!


Various parts of the box

I am using this to 'prop' up the mobile phone so cut it to size to fit into the 'cradle' like below.

You can shift it to adjust the angle you wanna your mobile to 'stand'

Another way to prop up your mobile phone

Here's how it's done

The phone cannot fit into the cradle snugly because of the charging cable?

No problem.

Use a pen to outline the location of the charging cable's location and cut with a penknife.

Problem solved

Presenting, my DIY cradle and docking station!

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