Cupcakes From Africa

As I still have some ingredients left over from the previous cupcake making session, I thought of finishing up the remainder so as not to take up space in the cupboard.

Actually, this was just my third time baking cupcakes so I do not have much experience to speak of.

The Dead Cockroach

Do you naively think I made those above?

The ones that I make were below...

The Dead Cockroach
My cupcakes committing suicide even before they were done

How encouraging!

I guess I put in too much mixture in the papercup!

The Dead Cockroach
Cupcakes from Africa, anyone?

I do not understand.

The previous bakes were much better looking than this!

It must be the papercup... Too flimsy!

Gotta get the firmer cups next time.

The Dead Cockroach
Cupcake fail!

They say never judge a book by it's cover

I say, never judge a cupcake by it's look.

They really taste better than they look.

I kid you not!

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