Creepy Tales From A Bangkok Hotel

Inspired by foongpc's post about his ghostly experience with Penang Hotel, I thought I would share what I had personally encountered in Bangkok.

This happened many years back, when the twelve of us (including four lecturers) from the retail course that I was attending, flew to Bangkok for a field trip.

Upon arrival, the first thing we did was to check into our hotel but due to some miscommunication, the rooms which we had booked earlier were not available.

Fortunately, the frontdesk managed to upgrade us to a suite on a higher floor which provided a splendid bird's eye view of Bangkok's landscape.

Basically, the structure of the hotel was built in a circular shape as shown in the 'cross-section' illustration below.

The three female lecturers were staying in Room A and two female students were allocated to Room C.

I shared Room E with two other male classmates while Room F went to the remaining three girls.

The male lecturer who joined us on a later flight stayed in Room H all by himself.

As the story goes, we would gather at the female lecturers' room (Room A) for a debrief every night, sharing what we have seen and learnt that day and a run through of the following day's program.

After the debrief, we would return to our respective rooms via the clockwise direction, sending the two girls back to Room C, then back to our rooms in E and F which was only a door away.

That particular night, after sending the two girls back to Room C, the remaining six of us proceed to return to our rooms as usual. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves ending up outside Room A.

We laughed it off, thinking that we have been too engrossed chatting among ourselves to overshoot our rooms. Thus, we make our way back to our rooms in the clockwise direction again but strangely, we ended up outside Room A once more.

Puzzled, we make our way back to our room for the third time and this time, we read aloud the number of each room that we walked passed.







Where did Room E and F go?

The horrors!

We began to panic and banged on the lecturers' door who after hearing our story, tried to convince us that we simply "had a long day and very exhausted"

But, how do you explain the fact that all six of us failed to locate our rooms not once but thrice?

Left with no other choice, we went in search of our rooms again and much to our relief, Room E and Room F reappeared mysteriously!

It is bizzare how such a thing could have happened but stranger still was what happened the next morning when we went knocking on the lecturers door, hoping to go for breakfast together.

We knocked for a while but no one came to answer the door. We leaned our ears against the door and distinctively heard people talking inside with the TV playing in the background.

Perhaps, the lecturers had things to discuss and the TV volume probably drowned our knockings so we left for breakfast without them.

We were astonished, however, when we reached the restaurant to find all four of our lecturers there, having second helpings of their breakfast. If they were there at the restaurant, then who was it that we heard talking inside their room and how did the TV set turn on, when the lecturers had their card keys with them?

No card keys means no electricity in the room right? How then do you explain the TV playing?

We kept mum about it because the lecturers won't believe our stories anyway.

Fortunately, the remaining days of our field trip went on smoothly without any more mishaps although I do feel rather uneasy inside our room (especially the spacious toilet) at night.

It was only after our return to Singapore when we discovered that most of the pictures which we had taken inside the lecturer's room got quite a bit of orbs.

To make ourselves feel better, we choose to believe that it's due to the reflection of the dust in the air but one of the girls in Room F finally broke the silence and revealed something that happened in their room.

Apparently, they were turning in for the night and the lights were already switched off. In the darkness, she thought she saw something like a black figure crouching on the ceiling (in her own words, it was like Spiderman) above them!

She quickly turned sideways only to find her room mate staring back at her with the same horrified expression.

If what the girls said were the truth, I would have shat bricks if it happened to me.