The NIKON 1 J2 is a mirrorless camera that comes with interchangeable lenses, a 3-inch LCD screen and a 10.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor.

Here are some of the key features found on NIKON's websiite:
Smart Photo Selector:
It starts shooting before you even press the shutter. The camera chooses the best shot for you.

Taking photos during Full HD movie recording:
Simultaneous recording of movies and stills without dropping a single frame.

Full HD:
Enjoy Full HD movie recording.

Turning on/off with retractable lens:
You can switch the camera on and off by simply rotating the zoom ring on the lens.

Built-in flash:
Inside. Outside. Get the light on your side.

Mount Adapter FT1:
The extensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses may be used with Nikon 1 through this adapter.

There are moments when I could not decide whether to shoot videos or to take stills. That is the dilemma I face with my current camera which could be very frustrating.

I have to keep switching between video mode and photo mode yet in the end, the photos would often turn out blurry while the video is disrupted.

With the NIKON 1 J2, however, I could do both - at the same time!

Next, we have the Smart Photo Selector.

In between the time you half press to fully press the shutter, the camera would have already taken 20 shots. It would then choose 1 best shot and 4 reserve shots while automatically deleting the remainder out-of-frame and blurry shots.

No more screening through and deleting those extra shots one by one!

I am surprised to learn that there are two ways to switch the camera on and off. The first is through the conventional way via the button.

The other way - also the cooler way - is by rotating the lens!

The NIKON 1 J2 packaged with a Nikkor VR 10-30mm lens is priced at SGD$919. An additional VR 30-110mm lens to the same package will set you back by SGD$1219.

However, if the prepacked lenses does not satisfy you, you would be pleased to know that this camera is compatible with any of the current NIKKOR lenses by means of the Mount Adapter FT1.
The built-in pop-up flash reminds me of a submarine periscope! 

Besides the performance, I also love the Nikon 1 J2 for its sleek and clean minimalistic design.

This easy-to-operate compact camera is the perfect tool to capture those special moments at a niece's birthday, during a picnic with friends at Marina Barrage or simply when I'm trying on a new outfit at the changing room!

Weighing approximately 280g, it is so lightweight I could simply hang it round my neck and doesn't feel the stress! What more can you ask for from a DLSR camera in a compact body?

With it's mighty good looks, I could even use it to complement my outfit as an accessory! Simply hang it round my neck and I'm good to go!

Who knows, I might just be the next fashion statement!

Don't you think it's really cool to own this stylish camera? I am sure you would be a head turner to strut down Orchard Road with this!

The NIKON 1 J2 comes in 6 attractive colors but if I have to choose a favorite, my vote would go to...


Yes, white. Just like what I'm wearing below. It is such a versatile color to mix and match around.

Now, what would your favorite be?

To know more about the NIKON 1 J2, simply check out this website:!