Muzium Padi, Kedah

This is a long overdue post!

Remember my previous trip to Hat Yai where I complained about the lousy hotel with cockroach-infested bathroom and being served the same breakfast every morning?

I will be going to Hat Yai again next month and I still have not completed blogging about that trip from 11 months ago!

I gotta stop procrastinating and pick up where I left off to complete this trip!

Check out my last night at Hat Yai here where we visited the Transvestite Show.

So, the next morning, we boarded the coach to the Thailand - Malaysia border where we exited Songkhla to re-enter Malaysia.

I do hope the Thai authorities could do something about the smell coming from their drains! It is really an unpleasant impression towards the visitors of your country and not to mention the 'tips' we had to put inside our passports.

Anyway, after clearing the customs, the next destination on the itinerary was Penang but first, we went to visit the Muzium Padi at Kedah.

Directions to the museum

Miles and miles of paddy fields past us by during the journey.

You know you are about to reach when you see the following mountain as it is just opposite the museum.

I suppose this mountain is Gunung Keriang?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

The water buffalo outside the entrance

Tadpoles in the man-made paddy field

(Left) Soaring Eagle (Right) We had to pay an extra RM 2 to bring in a camera

Although RM 2 is not alot, I still think it's ridiculous to charge visitors for bringing in their own camera which is not even inclusive of the RM 3 entrance fee for adults.

Entering the museum (entrance is on the second level), you learn all about rice in general and there were several realistic mural paintings of paddy fields.

Cross section of a grain of rice

I know. WTF right?

Below are some by-poducts of rice.

When you descend to the first level, you learn all about the rice cultivation process, the different varieties of rice and the type of tools and equipments used.

Hit the bushels of rice stalks against it and
the rice grains will collect in the container below


Siti and Fatimah having a breather after a hard day's work

The third level, accessible by a spiral staircase is a revolving platform where visitors can watch a 360° mural painting of the scenic landscape surrounding Gunung Keriang on the wall. 

Unlike the ones found on the second level, this is a larger scale and includes rocks and vegetation to make it seem 3D.

From what I found out, the murals were painted by a team of 60 North Korean artists.

In conclusion, I find the Paddy Museum a informative museum but a pity that there were alot of un-utilized space on the second level which could be put to better use to disseminate more knowledge to the visitors.

Maybe some interactive visuals would add more interest to the exhibits?

Oh, and do away with that ridiculous fee for bringing in cameras!

Lot 798 Jalan Gunung Keriang
Mukim Gunung Keriang
06570 Alor Setar
Kedah Darul Aman

+04 735 1315

Opening Hours:
Daily from 9am to 5pm (Closed between 12:30pm and 2:30pm during Fridays)
Closed on Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha

Entrance Fees:
Adults RM 3
Children (ages 7 - 12) RM 1
Camera Charge RM 2