Movie Review: Long Long Time Ago《我们的故事》

Cast: Mark Lee, Aileen Tan, Wang Lei, Suhaimi Yusof 
Director: Jack Neo 
Genre: Period Comedy
Language: Hokkien and Malay with Mandarin, English and Malay Subtitles 
Release Date: 5 February 2016 
Distributor: Golden Village Pictures, Shaw, MM2 Entertainment

*Spoilers ahead*

We all know Aileen Tan can act and she did not disappoint in her role as the ill-fated Zhao Di in Jack Neo's latest movie. In an era where boys are favoured over girls, returning home with three daughters in tow may not be a easy thing especially with a superstitious father like "Si Cek" (Wang Lei).

Met with one misfortune after another, her tenacity and perseverance pulled her through all of life's odds against her. 

Mark Lee's potrayal as Ah Kun - Zhao Di's obnoxious and foul-mouthed brother is infuriating yet fun to watch. Being the first son, he is the self-deserving brother who thinks of himself as the alpha male in the family. Despite Zhao Di helping him out every time he gets into trouble, Ah Kun is not the least grateful to his sister.

The second brother Ah Hee (Benjamin Tan), on the other hand, is a little repulsive of his sister's return in the beginning but later grew to respect and even stood up for her when her soya bean milk cart was wrecked by the hooligans who came to collect protection money.

Osman (Suhaimi Yusof) is Zhao Di's good friend who helped her get on her two feet when she was down and out. His character brought the much needed comedic relief to the movie as a contrast to the struggles of Zhao Di.

The movie documents several important milestones in Singapore history: registering for identity cards (IC) after the split with Malaysia; the very first National Service callup; the rising tensions between the chinese and malays during the 1969 racial riot; the first industrialization of Singapore; and the worst flood in Singapore history.

This is a show good for all audiences. It can educate the younger generations about Singapore's past and reminisce about kampung life for the pioneer generation.

Long Long Time Ago is definitely one of my favorite Jack Neo film to date. I cannot wait for part two in March 2016.

It is a nostalgic and heartfelt movie that Singaporeans and perhaps even Malaysians can relate to. Do stay for the end credits though. The theme song and photo montage is not to be missed.

This is a story of trials and tribulations of a family during the early years of Singapore's independence. 
Through the narration of Zhao Di's (Aileen Tan) eldest daughter, we are brought back to 1965 where she and her three daughters were forced to leave the household by her husband's first wife after he passed away. 
Heavily pregnant with no one to turn to, she makes a unwelcome return to her patriarch home in the kampung. 
After giving birth to a pair of twins, Zhao Di is pressured to give away her new born daughter who had two moles on her face. The moles were considered bad luck and feared to bring trouble to the family. 
With the help of her good friend Osman (Suhaimi Yusof), she began selling soya bean milk on a makeshift cart to support her daughters and contribute to the household in return for a roof over her head.

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