10th Death Anniversary

This Empty Collar

The empty bed and the empty bowl,
the weed covered path we used to stroll;
dog snacks,muddy tracks and the hair on the floor,
and the slap of the flap on your dog door.

 There's still the fence that kept you safe,
and there's still the bandanas I can't put on.
Some things, they remain,
but some things are forever gone.

These old photographs, they can't take your place;
they only bring tears that flow down my face.
Your love was unconditional, mine was the same.
The price of love is memories and their pain.

They say time heals everything
and yes I know that is true
The food and the Vet bills, you were worth every dollar,
but there is nothing so sad and it hurts so bad as I cling to
"this Empty Collar"

The Battle:
Jul 25 2005 Health going downhill
Jul 27 2005 Initial diagnosis
Jul 28 2005 The first night away from home
Jul 29 2005 Come home please
Jul 30 2005 Discharged!
Jul 31 2005 Recuperating at home
Aug 06 2005 The follow up
Aug 18 2005 A turn for the worst
Aug 19 2005 Back to the vet
Aug 23 2005 Stubborn boy refuses to take his medication
Aug 28 2005 An update on Dexter's recovery
Sept 07 2005 Second opinion with Dr Heng
Oct 02 2005 Spending time together
Oct 26 2005 Birthday eve
Oct 27 2005 A turn for the worst
Oct 28 2005 Hospitalized again
Oct 28 2005 The visit
Oct 29 2005 Discharged
Oct 31 2005 The first steps in weeks

Acceptance and Closure:
Nov 02 2005 Farewell, my dear friend
Nov 03 2005 Thanks for the consolences
Nov 06 2005 A little thought means so much
Nov 07 2005"Dexter where?"
Nov 09 2005 The seventh day
Nov 12 2005 Home again
Nov 13 2005 The scare
Nov 17 2005 Are you there?
Nov 26 2005 A special gift
Mar 31 2007 In dreams he came to me
Jul 21 2007 I misses you
Mar 23 2008 What do you do with a bored 5 year old on a boring Sunday afternoon
Mar 31 2008 Oh noooooo!
Apr 02 2008 Operation saving Dexter

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