In Memorium: James Horner 1953 - 2015

Oscar winner James Horner has been killed after crashing his single-engine plane in Southern California on Monday morning. 
Ventura County fire spokesman Mike Lindbery said the crash happened around 9.30am in the Los Padres National Forest, with the Federal Aviation Administration adding that the plane was an S-312 Tucano MK1 turbo-prop with two seats and that the debris was spread across an acre of land. 
Crews extinguished a fire that erupted in vegetation after the plane became engulfed in flames upon impact, about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles.
Horner, a husband and father of two, was later confirmed dead by one of his employees.
Horner's assistant, Sylvia Patrycja, confirmed that it was the beloved composer who died in the tragic accident. 
'We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart, and unbelievable talent,' Patrycja wrote on Facebook.  
'He died doing what he loved. Thank you for all your support and love and see you down the road.' 
Jay Cooper, an attorney for Horner, said the plane was one of several owned by the 61-year-old composer.  
Horner’s representatives have not commented on the issue. - Daily Mail

I am utterly shocked to learn about the death of James Horner. My first acquaintance with this composer goes way back in the 1980s through the song "Somewhere Out There" performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingrams.

"Somewhere Out There" is one of the soundtracks for the 1986 animated film, "An American Tail". To escape from the persecution of the cats in Russia, Fievel and his family boarded a ship bound for USA where there are no cats, or so they heard.

During the journey, a terrible storm caused Fievel to be swept overboard and he was separated from his family. He was washed ashore in a bottle where he landed - miraculously - in America. In his quest to search for his missing family, he learned that there are cats here too and he became the unlikely hero for vanquishing them out of America.

And then, there was "The Land Before Time" about a group of young dinosaurs who got separated from their family during The Great Migration.

They must resolve their differences not just to make their way to The Great Valley where their families were headed for but also to keep themselves alive from the Sharptooth.

This is one of my favorite composition from James Horner performed by Diana Ross.

I am the movie soundtrack fan I am today mainly due to his influence. In his career, James Horner went on to write more compositions for many blockbuster films like Star TrekBraveheartThe Titanic, Avatar, etc

His music gives soul to the movie he is composing for and it never fails to bring out the emotions in me. It is a pity that he was taken away in his prime.

RIP, James Horner.

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