Titans of the Past – Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals At The Singapore Science Centre

Do you know that a new exhibition "Titans of the Past – Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals" is here at the Singapore Science Centre?

I don't.

I only found out after a few parent bloggers attended the media invite and blogged about it. In fact, the exhibition started way back in October (that's two months ago) and I wonder why it wasn't publicized then?

I believe I only saw the advertisement on TV in late November. Anyway, I was contemplating whether to go or not to as the price of the admission ticket seem pretty steep.

Well, it does not take a genius to guess that I gave in ultimately as it is not everyday that you can come face to face with a dinosaur!

Skull of a Triceratops

The Triceratops go through different changes as it ages

A semi-adult Triceratops watching over a juvenile

Hadrosaurian (Duck-billed dinosaur)

Replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing over a Triceratops

This is the genuine fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
and the largest of its kind ever found!

Adult and juvenile Tyrannosaurus

Bone crushing action at the push of a button

The animatronics of this Tyrannosaurus Rex is so realistic that
a P2 boy was too terrified to venture further into the hall

Detailed right down to the anus...

Not Hong Kong egglet!

Skull of the Saber-toothed cat

Adult and juvenile skull of the Tyrannosaurus Rex



I can't fit the Argentinosaurus, which measures a whopping 36m into the frame!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Face off between Giganotosaurus (left) and Tyrannosaurus Rex

A sand pit where kids can play Paleontologist for the day

The Mastodon is a different species from the Mammoth


I am quite certain this is a Pokemon character!

After the visit, I am very impressed by the exhibition particularly the animatronics from Kokoro in Japan which really bring these prehistoric creatures to life! I must admit that I was a little intimidated by the roars of the Tyrannosaurus Rex myself!

While the exhibits were pretty breathtaking, the Ice Age Mammals section is less intriguing. Apart from the ten animatronics mammals (all squeezed in a small room at the exit), there is not much information available to learn about the ice age. I had high expectations for this one.

On the whole, this exhibition is still worth a visit albeit a short one. I actually went through the exhibition three times to make sure that I did not miss out on anything!

Singapore Science Centre

From the Science Centre's website:
Titans of the Past is a unique presentation put together for the very first time to form a seamless storyline of travelling through pre-historic times.

The first segment, “The Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs” is an exhibition from The Museum of the Rockies (MOR) in Montana, USA, with animatronics from Kokoro in Japan. The exhibition features the work of Dr Jack Horner, one of the world’s leading palaeontologists and consultant for Jurassic Park films, and his research team. It showcases beautiful and valuable real fossils including the largest T-Rex skull ever found, good-quality replicas, state-of-the art animatronics and a controversial story line.

The second segment features life-sized dinosaur skeletal casts of the Argentinosaurus, measuring a majestic 36m in length and 7m in height, a Giganotosaurus and a T-rex.

The final segment, “Ice Age, The Exhibition” showcases animatronic mammals from the Ice Age which includes a mammoth, a mastodon and a saber-toothed tiger among others.

This is the first time this exhibition is being showcased in Asia.

Admission ticket is priced at $25 for adults and $19 for kids. Ticket prices are inclusive of entry to the Science Centre.

SAFRA and PAssion Card members enjoy 10% off ticket prices.

The exhibition ends on 23 February 2014.

Official page of the exhibition: http://www.science.edu.sg/exhibitions/Pages/titansofthepast.aspx 

More photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152125658826155.1073741831.162588896154&type=1

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