Exercise Wallaby - Base Camp

Continuation from Week 2 [here]
Read about Week 1 [here] if you have not already read it.

So sorry this post is long overdued!

After two weeks in Shoalwaterbay, Exercise Wallaby is finally over!

It was hard work but friends made the days easier to past.

Just two days before we depart for Singapore, we had our R&R at Rockhampton town (Yeppoon, to be exact) but before I share about my R&R trip, I would like to bring you around Samuel Hill.

North Camp cookhouse

South Camp direction

Road leading to the MT Line

Message for the drivers

The weather is dry and hot during the day

I never thought that I would have the opportunity to step foot on Samuel Hill again after eleven years. One significant change I noticed was that the cookhouse and the canteen swopped places!

Eleven years ago, the cookhouse was located at at South Camp so all those from the North Camp would have to walk over for their meals but now, both sides of the camp have their own cookhouse so there is no more travelling just to get fed.

Meanwhile, the canteen which used to be at the North Camp is now situated at South Camp.

 Welcome to the Swenson's of Samuel Hill!

First contribution to the canteen fund at week 1: AUD 2 (SGD 2.63)

This was a treat by a kind medic who shared N 22 with us

Second contribution to the canteen fund at week 1: AUD 4 (SGD 5.26)

When I gotten news that I would be attending Exercise Wallaby, the first thing that comes to mind was the BIG M Milk from the canteen.

I remembered the one I had in Australia years ago tastes richer and more intense while comparatively, the ones in Singapore tastes more diluted.

Another thing that has been on my mind since then were the pop-in-the-microwave beef burgers. These burgers were da bomb! Everyone were having them then!

It was disheartening to learn that these two items were no longer on the menu.

Made another contribution while waiting for my mobile phone to recharge at week 1: AUD 2.50 (SGD 3.28)

Canteen fund at week 2: AUD 11  (SGD 14.45)

No, I did not finish that alone. Shared it with two other closer friends I befriended during this ICT.

During the first week, we clamored that we wanted to try the Sausage and Chicken Kebab but we never did get round to eating it.

We were kept so busy during the first week that we often have to work late into the night. Although we managed to have some chips and beer, it was often a eat-and-go affair. 

Needless to say, we moved out for exercise on the second week so all the more we could not visit the canteen.

It was only until the last day before R&R after we handed everything over to the Australians before we could finally sit down to enjoy our food properly.

By the time, however, COKE was already out of stock!


During the exercise, COKE was my only motivation to carry on. I told myself that I would reward myself with a can of icy, cold COKE after we returned to camp but it seems I was not the only one toying with that idea.

As a result, I had to make do with KIRKS Lemonade. Pretty nice taste but still, I NEED MY COKE! IT'S MY DOPE!

 AUD 2 (SGD 2.63)

All these years, the only thing that remained unchanged was the shower system except for the additional tap for hot water now.

The pictures are self-explanatory.

Yes, this is how we shower.

No cubicles, no privacy.

One warning though; do not pick up that bar of soap!

Next up: R&R!