Exercise Wallaby - The Second Week

Continuation from Week 1 [here]

The second week after arriving at Shoalwaterbay, we finally moved outfield for exercise. However, barely ten minutes into the journey, we were already covered with sand...

And I really meant from head to toe...

It was so sandy I could not even open my eyes. This is truly one hell of a experience.
What started out as clean mealbags...
ended up buried under a layer of sand...

Arnott's biscuits are awesome!

This is one of the morning when we just woke up. I looked up and I thought I saw some movements in the distance.

"KANGAROOS!" I yelled.

They were way too far for my camera, unfortunately. I had seen a couple of Kangaroos much closer a few days earlier but by the time my camera was ready, they had vanished.


I failed to see anymore Kangaroos after that fateful morning...

Don't you love the colors in the Australian skies?

As the day draws to an end, we prepare for bed.

Where do we sleep?

We sleep anywhere. 

I'll be grateful as long as I could lie down and straighten my back.

We were lucky to have a tonner at our disposal, though.

We slept at the back of the vehicle with whatever space there is left of. There are people who had to sleep on the grass outside which could get really, really cold.

At night, the weather at Shoalwaterbay could drop as low as 15°C.

Here's a shoutout if you are going to Shoalwaterbay: Bring insulated gloves!

You will be thankful that you did!

This was the second item (after sunblock) on the list of things to bring which I did not! Even though I was sleeping on the vehicle, my hands were perpertually numbed by the coldness every single night.

It does not help one bit even if I put my hands in my pocket or try to warm them under my armpits.

We were issued with fleece jacket and windbreaker but these DO NOT cover our hands, much less keep them warm. Trust me, even with socks and boots on, I could still feel the cold circulating around my feet.

How do you think your hands would fare against the chilly temperature?

I was fortunate enough to have these boxes to sleep on. The day before, I slept on the planks with only a trashbag to line the floor.

Sorry, I had to pixelized the BV

Lovely morning!

Country road, take me home...

After days of having combat rations, it feels good to have some instant noodles for a change. It does not matter that the soup is way too diluted. 

At least it's not all cold and mushy. *stares coldly at combat rations*

I am not kidding.

I really am crapping when I took the above shot. It feels kind of ticklish with the vegetation brushing against your butt.

"Please organize a search and rescue party if I am not back in ten minutes!" I told one of my friend as I walked deeper inside the forest.

I have been holding back my bowels for the last few days and that day is the day when my stomach decided the time is ripe to do what I have to do...

I hope Mother Nature is happy with my gift that day. (The spot where I unloaded must be blooming with flowers now)

You have no idea how happy I was to return to Samuel Hill. 

Fresh rations! Cold syrups! Bathing! Clean clothes!

This pretty much sums up the second week of Exercise Wallaby!

I wish I could show you more but I could not share any pictures with weapons or vehicles in them so scenery is all you see!

Coming up next: I will be showing you around Samuel Hill!