About Us


I am the Dead Cockroach.

I am here to share with you how my online moniker, "Dead Cockroach" came about. 

Well, it all happened way back in 2003 when I was signing up for the blog account. I was asked for a username and my mind went blank.

What should I call myself?

How does TheMuscleGuy sounds? Or how about something cute like TheFlabbyTummy?

I decided to just select whatever image that first pops into my mind. If you guessed it correctly, it is a cockroach.

To be frank, I am rather terrified of this filthy little thing myself. So much so I wished they were all dead!

Hence, the "Dead Cockroach" was born. To spare people the agony over my moniker, I would always sign off as "DC" (the initials of my moniker) wherever possible.

I know it's not a lovable name. I was even reprimanded on Hardwarezone for associating food with the gross insect but, who can blame them? What they did not know is, my blog did not started out as a food blog. 

Back then, it was more like an online diary detailing about my personal life. As years passed by, my mindset and priorities changed. I realized that no one would be interested to read about my mundane life.

Furthermore, I am sharing way too much personal information. That is when I decided to change my direction and document about the food I ate instead.


Yes, that is the story of this blog gets its name.

But... if you wanna know why this blog hops over from Xanga to Blogspot, read on...

I first began blogging on Livejournal and Diaryland before making home permanently on Xanga in September 2003.

At that time, I knew nothing about HTML.

Everything I know now was self-taught through the hard way of trial and error.

Through the years, I have had quite a few major revamps and I have spent endless hours sitting in front of the computer, forgoing  my sleep, tweeking and fine-tuning the codes before achieving the template you see today.

Everything was well and fine until one day, Xanga decided to make us all go Premium by restricting the use of javascripts and certain codes.

Many functions like a simple drop-down menu and chatbox could no longer be used.

Despite that, I have never thought of changing host.

Even when queries to the helpdesk went unanswered and suggestions to the Xanga team were unheeded, I remained faithful still.

However, the last straw came recently when the folks at Xanga decided to take up an obtrusive ad space on my blog!

Well, mine may not be the best template around but still, it was my fruit of labor!

How could they do that to me?

The ad not only messed up my layout, it also spoiled the whole aesthetic look on my blog!

This time, I tolerate no more.

It is a painful decision but I would rather change blog host than to give in to their demands!

How low can they get just to make us go Premium?

The transition was not easy though (and I am not referring to the physical aspect).

Other than obtaining a new Feed, I also have to relink all my social networks. It is like pulling the plug of the life support system!

That is EIGHT years worth of bittersweet memories I am talking about and do not even remind me about my page ranking which I have painstakingly built up over the years!

Here at this new blog, I have to restart everything all over again; to learn new codings (Blogspot codes and Xanga's are different) and also to rebuild my online identity.

Do you know that Xanga did not even allow access to the HTML page where the < head > and < body > tags are? This means that you cannot insert meta tags or any other codes for that matter.

There is just so much limitations if you are going to use Xanga for free!

That is why, I have decided to leave them for good.

I have chosen this day of great celebrations to officiate my new blog's opening as it bears a very significant meaning for me.

It is my birthday!

So now, my new blog and I actually share the same birthday!

A new chapter refreshes a new beginning. (I hope!)

Oh, subscribe to my new Feeds [here] please!

I wish the lovely friends whom I have encountered through these years of blogging will continue to give me their unwavering support here on this new blog of mine.