Video: Child Abuse At Toa Payoh Childcare Centre

"The result of the abuse my son had.
Now he is sleeping but waking up every fifteen min crying in pain.
The pain he suffering oh Allah please let me be the one suffer instead of him."


A police report has been made, in what appears to be a case of child abuse, by the parents of the boy against the teacher of a childcare centre in Toa Payoh.

The footage, recorded on the parents' mobile phone from the childcare centre's CCTV showed a female teacher dragging the boy to a corner of the class, out of the surveillance camera's view where he was filmed partially being shoved to the ground.

At 0:35 into the first video, the child's father could be heard saying "somemore you slap him" while the mother was heard saying "slam my son" at 1:33. 

After the rough treatment, the teacher walked off and left the boy alone at the corner.

In the second video, the teacher returned with another teacher moments later where she seems to be instructing him to stand up. When the boy shows difficulty in standing, the teacher grabbed him by one arm and drag him across the room where he was seen limping.

At the beginning of the footage before the abuse happens, the boy was seen running normally to the teacher.

According to the parents' facebook post, the boy suffered from a fractured shin in this ordeal (pictured above).

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the police are taking actions and the childcare centre in question, My First Skool, is cooperating with investigations.

A 51-year-old teacher has been arrested in connection with the alleged abuse case.