BLEAGH! A Book About Values

I was really happy to receive a copy of this book from The Wacky Duo giveaway.

It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time as my nephew's birthday was just round the corner. I have been racking my brains thinking of what I could give him as a present for he had more than enough toys already.

And what would make a better gift for him than this book, which has arrived quite timely in the mailbox! Judging by the sub-title, I believe you would have already guessed what it is all about?

Yes, this book is about values and that is exactly what I hope I could instil in my nephew.

It was through Bleagh's first day at school that important values such as empathy, tolerance, creativity, cooperation, appreciation and integrity are imparted as he learned to get along with his new found friends amid their differences.

This book provided some easy reading for kids and I think it took the author much effort to rhyme the sentences which makes reading even more fun and interesting!

About the author:
Leana Lyn Doray is a trained educator, having obtained a double degree in Arts and Education at the University of Sydney. Serendipity led her to teach in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in Singapore for four years, where she discovered her love for reading to young children and providing a holistic education above and beyond basic academia. BLEAGH! A book about values is Leana’s first book, borne from almost a decade of educating (and being educated by) curious young minds.