Why Is This Apple Fanboy So Extreme Huh?

Well, it all started after I had retweeted this post "iPhone 5 Fans & Buyers Are Idiots [VIDEO]" by Tekkaus on twitter. I received a reply shortly from someone (let's call him Simon) saying that he has unfollowed me because of that retweet I made.

I thought it was a just a random joke until I got to Simon's Facebook and realised that he's being perfectly serious.

I do not know Simon personally but he added me on Google+ sometime ago. And for the life of me, I can't even recall when I have added him on my Facebook and Twitter as well.

Question marks began popping all over my head as I questioned his motive. It can't be real right? Why would someone take it so personally to the point of unfollowing me just because of one 'harmless' retweet?

Not that it matters to lose a follower (we never did interact anyway and I do not even know he is following me until he responded to this tweet) but I'm just perplexed over his actions. What made him behave the way he did?

Doesn't this remind you of the squabbles primary school kids have when they had a fight? 

You know, like "you badmouth me so I don't friend you anymore!" that kind of thing?

Anyway, below are some status which I read off from his Facebook.

I didn't know retweeting that post makes me a troll.
It is just a tweet. Get over it!

C'mon, is there a need to get so worked up?
Seriously, I think he has a very sad life.

I do not understand why is he so gek sim 
over what others are saying about Apple?

Does he have stakes in the company?
Say a bit the shares will plummet ah?

I'm afraid he isn't going to have many friends left should this this carry on!

Got so die hard mou?
How old is he? 9?

I do not understand why he is feeling so bitter about my retweet. His reaction only convinces me to think the worse of them Apple fans. 

What do you think?

P.S The iphone 5 is released/launched in Singapore today. Check out the price plans here.
P.P.S  Simon is not his real name (or maybe it is). His name has been changed to protect his identity.

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