Video: Let's QOO Dance!

Anyone remember QOO - the water droplet icon for the non-carbonated drink from Coca-Cola? Although not too big a fan of the beverage, I find the mascot rather cute.

I happened to stumble across this series of QOO TV commercials from Hong Kong and thought of sharing it.

俄羅斯哥薩克舞 Russian Cossack Dance

美國街頭舞 American Hip Hop

中國古典歌舞 China Classical Acrobat

探戈 Tango

西班牙弗拉明戈 Spanish Flamenco

巴西森巴舞 Brazil Samba

菲律賓竹舞 Phillipines Bamboo Dance

蘇格蘭民族舞 Scotland Folk Dance

法國肯肯舞 French Can Can

非洲連步舞 African Limbo

日本沖澠舞 Okinawa Folk Dance

夏威夷舞 Hawaii Dance

芭蕾舞 Ballet

印度舞 Indian Dance

墨西哥舞 Mexico Dance

日本盆舞 Japanese Folk Dance

的士高舞 Disco

日本阿波舞 Japanese Folk Dance

中國太極 China Taiqi

美式踢躂舞 American Tap Dance

大溪地舞 Tahiti Dance

I personally like the Scotland Folk Dance, French Can Can (check out those butts!), Indian Dance, Disco, China Tai Qi and Tahiti Dance.

Which is your favorite?

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